A big part of our code and infrastructure is open-source, feel free to contribute!

This article is aimed at developers. You can try to read it if you’re not a developer, but we don’t promise that you will understand 🙃

Apart from the code of our apps and APIs, we share everything publicly on our GitHub account.

Most of our code is currently written in Swift, but we also provide multiple OpenAPI specifications for all of our APIs. These specifications are all available in the mp-api-specs repository. Inside, we also share a development status for all of our APIs, and we redirect you to the related informations. It is the central repository for API development at Monki Projects.

Once the OpenAPI specifications will be stable, we will create clients for Swift and other languages if you need to. If your language isn’t supported, you can either write its client by yourself, generated it using an OpenAPI client generator or ask us to provide one on our GitHub.

Repositories overview

On our GitHub account, you will find multiple repositories:

hugo-websiteThe source code of this website, including all the articles.
mp-api-specsCentral repository for all API-related stuff.
users-api-client-swiftThe “Users API” client for Swift.
placemarks-api-client-swiftThe “Placemarks API” client for Swift.

If you see a typo or just want to contribute, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

How to contribute

Since our APIs are well documented, you can use them to develop personal projects and contribute to our collaborative database. However, you must reach out to us before publishing any piece of software using our APIs on the market. We would love to see your people use your work, but we want to chat with you first 😉

For now, we’re working on an iOS version of Monki Map, so if you’re a skilled developer on another platform (mobile or desktop) and you want to help us, please contact us.